There are many benefits to enjoy when you become part of the Ross Hill family and join the exclusive 1994 Wine Club. The club commemorates the year that Terri and Peter Robson planted their first vines at Ross Hill’s Griffin Road vineyard. Some 20+ years later we continue to celebrate our 1994 foundation year by inviting you to join our Ross Hill family too.


Ross Hill Wines is proud to be Australia’s first National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) certified winery and the only Australian producer of carbon neutral wines. The Ross Hill Wine Group met its environmental sustainability goal in early 2016, following a dedicated, six-year-long program.


There are many benefits to enjoy when you become part of the Ross Hill family and join the fast-growing 1994 Wine Club. Benefits include: receiving 2 cases annually of our Winemaker’s Selection at up to a 35% off normal retail prices; tasting notes and cellaring tips; 20% discount off wine purchases; free delivery Australia wide; private wine tastings and pre-release tickets to our special and limited events.


Wines of the Orange region have a unique style, both elegant and refined, as a result of the local climate, soils and topography (terroir). This region is also a major producer of a range of regional foods within a spectacular rural landscape and is an exciting destination for wine and food tourism.

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  • This year is moving at a cracking rate and before we know it, Easter will be upon us!⠀
Luckily in three weeks time the legend Michael Manners will be taking over the Barrel & Larder Cooking school to share his secrets to the perfect Easter spread!⠀
Tickets are limited so hit the link in our bio to book now. 
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  • This is Axel ( nickname Gunners) he is a vintage winemaker from France, he is cleaning the press. We hope he is wearing clothes #orange360 #lovemyjob
  • There are only a few seats left for ‘Lunch at the Pantry’ this Saturday and the weather forecast looks perfect for a ‘Why not Wine Lunch’!
Hit the link in our bio to book now
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  • Pauline showing us all how it’s done; working hard with a smile on your face! 
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  • Amidst #vintage2020 we are also bottling our Pinnacle range with help from our mates #vintagebottling and Axel and Pauline, all the way from France!
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  • No rest for the wicked when it’s #vintage2020! This photo was taken in the very wee hours of the morning by our Winery Manager Scott, as he was picking at Griffin Road.
#nofilternosun #orange360_allyearround
  • Vintage always has it's ups and downs, but we are hoping our Pinot Noir grapes will come through with the goods 🤞⠀
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  • How nice is this wet and cool weather, perfect for a glass of red whilst enjoying the sound of rain
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