Orange Wine Region

The Orange Wine Region

Wines of the Orange region have a unique style as a result of the local climate, soils and topography (terroir). The modern Orange wine industry began to develop in the early 1980s and now has over 1500ha of wine grapes being grown on some 80 vineyards. Over 40 wine labels are now available in the region. This region is also a major producer of a range of regional foods within a spectacular rural landscape and is an exciting destination for wine and food tourism.

Terroir is the French word used to define the features of a wine growing region that includes its climate, geology, topography and soils which contribute to the individuality and renown of wines produced there. It also includes the historical and human effects on site expression of the vineyard and wines produced (Martin 2000).

The Orange wine region is young and has developed a reputation for producing a diverse range of quality cool climate wine styles across a range of varieties.  These fruit-driven wines are a result of the unique terroir of the region.

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Griffin Road Vineyard